Four common causes of blackheads

It is a dread to note the tiny black spots sprouting on the face. Sometimes it can be as if it is an overnight affair, but the process has been ongoing without the person’s full realization or acceptance. These tiny black spots are blackheads that may have been brewing on the face as pimples. In this post, we discuss how to remove blackheads by avoiding its causes. Everyone is keen to note how to remove blackheads. However, let go through the common cause of these sport that may destroy your face.

Causes of Blackheads


Pollution is a major cause of blackheads. Atmospheric pollution and chlorinated water contain harmful particles, which get onto our skin and clog the pores to prevent oxygen from being absorbed into good blood circulation. It also prevents excretion of excess oil, which blocks the pores. Dead skin cells and dust particles combine with the trapped excess oil to become the dark blackheads.

Hormonal change

A hormonal shift in the body can cause abnormal androgen levels in the skin that create an excessive oil secretion from the oil bags, which become hyperactive. The oily skin tends to clog up the skin pores, and the result is pimples, acne, and blackheads. Hormonal imbalances are a result of stress, drinking, smoking and even too much coffee.

Oil and dirt

The oil and dirt on your face get into open pores and clog them up. Teenagers will commonly see blackheads after the start of puberty as hormones trigger the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes the over-activity of the oil gland. If you are facing this irritating problem, the chances are that you are not keeping your face free of dead cells, dirt, and oil. Moreover, it’s also the overall health of your body that dictates the severity of the problem. If you eat healthily and exercise, your body will be kept free from all those toxins that in some form or the other lead to the development of blackheads on your face.


Your makeup andjknjkxncnjvnndnfjnjdnjsnjdnmvnjdfv the way you apply it can also be a cause of blackheads on your face. If your face is sensitive, it’s important that you don’t apply too much makeup. Also, make sure that you keep your face free from makeup at least a few days of the week. Cleansing your face of all the applied makeup can help you get rid of blackheads on the nose by a long way.

The solutions on how to remove blackheads lie in understanding the causes of blackheads. Dermatologists claim that the above mentions are the four common causes of blackheads